Friday, May 6, 2011

Exciting times ahead

Today contracts exchange and I paid the real-estate agent a 5% deposit. Settlement is scheduled for 3rd June.
I was so excited today with this news. Finally, after 11 years of realizing this dream, the reality of it all is getting closer.

Like an excited child at Christmas time, I went to Beacon Lighting with my wish list. Already I know what to do with the interior. Its going to be a classic, yet contemporary look.
These Sphere pendants would look fantastic;

Photo courtesy of Chippendale Restorations

Viva La Forster

Had the week off as it was my first and only opportunity to take some much needed annual leave. Couldn't stay in Newcastle, really wanted to get out of town just for a couple of nights. It's all bad timing with buying the house and being careful with expenses at the moments. The big bills are yet to come.

As it turns out,  friends offered their caravan in Forster, NSW - for free! Very generous of them for the accommodation.  Its just two hours drive north of Newcastle. I think best the pictures tell the story. Two nights were enough, beginning to miss the creator comforts of home.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finally I did it

After relentlessly searching and saving, this will be be 'new old' abode.
Its a humble beginnings, located in the former industrial suburb of Mayfield, Newcastle.
Mayfield is best remembered for BHP,which closed down in the late nineties. Since its closure, the suburb has undergone gentrification, like most inner city suburbs do. It's just 7 km to the CBD of Newcastle and it's beaches.

Nice quiet street, it's a two bedroom brick and tile roof on a more than manageable block. Cannot wait to add my own personal stamp. The kitchen is a 1950's - which I love. So many ideas that are simple and cost effective. Just need time!

Anyway, let the settlement process begin! Here are some more pics;

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Well as inspired by my fellow blogger, Pam from Bayside Rose, I thought I should post some of my more creative side. It's not unusual for me to whip up some creative cushions from time to time - especially when inspired.

My dear friend Karen from tokmonsta initially inspired me to create some cushions from second hand tea towels. So, off I went to Mum's in search of her linen cupboard for tea towels. Tea towels I found in abundance, dating as far back as the 1950's. Most were gifts over the years, some were form my late Nan. After selecting the best of the best, I thought how great to take these tea towels and create some cushions and give them back as a Christmas present.

So here is a sample of the cushions given back to Mum for Christmas last year.

The blue 1950's lounge is now neatly tucked away in storage and will not return until the right home comes along. Did I mention that I loooove blue?
Maybe that's a give away by my Rimi Blue collection of Bitossi by Aldo Londi - just can't get enough of it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"A Single Man"

A Single Man PosterAfter just seeing the movie, 'A Single Man', on DVD, I am totally engrossed by the story line and the beauty of the film. Starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, directed and produced by Tom Ford - the film has been criticized in the past for being too perfect. However, I completely disagree. Tom Ford has managed to see the beauty and creativity in the objects that surround us. He has merely cut out the ugly things in life.

There is a scene where Colin Firth parks his car in the back car-park of a bottle shop. Fairly uninspiring, however he pulls up in front of a large poster board which looked stunning as it was filmed with the afternoon sunset. I just love how Tom Ford filmed the beauty rather than the ugly. 

The story line is simple, for some. Overwhelmingly powerful for me.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Poteet Architects

 Looking through one of my favorite blogs - was this latest posting on Desire to Inspire, by Poteet Architects. I'm just loving this example of dark timber flooring contrasting with the white walls. In an older house, it makes the space look contemporary and yet enhances the traditional features of the house. Can just imagine this with beautiful decorative ceilings.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bargin Hunting

Walking along Darby St, I stumbled across a garage sale. How could I resist with this retro Italian vase for only $5??? Its cute. Yes, I am trying to save, however one can still shop on a budget.